I became interested in photography in my early teens, but it was when I started at University to study Zoology that I set up a Photographic Society, which was funded out of a small grant from the Students Union. We had our own darkroom and soon purchased the necessary equipment and chemicals to develop our own film and make prints. 

After completing a further post graduate study I slowly but surely found that I had less time to devote to my hobby. Photography took a back seat!

Over forty years later I found that I was able to take early retirement and it was this that gave me the opportunity to get back into my favorite hobby. I owned various point and shoot cameras, but what really sparked my interest back to life was the purchase of a Canon SX40 HS, a truly fine 12 megapixel bridge camera which boasted a 35x zoom!  

What I really wanted of course was a DSLR and so in 2014 and after much research I bought myself the excellent Canon 70D plus the 18-135mm kit lens. In 2016 I bought the Canon 7D MkII and the Canon 100-400mm IS MkII telephoto (this being just my personal lens choice for birds in flight and other wildlife photography). 

I joined an online photography group back in 2014 called Photorec.tv (with its associated Facebook and Instagram community). I've learnt and benefited greatly from being a part of this group, including how to use Lightroom for post processing. In fact it was so good and I was getting so much out of it that I became a Patreon supporter. It has now joined forces with the Photo Enthusiast Network and the resources and community available of this site are phenominal. I can highly recommend this group to any photographer, whether you're a beginner, enthusiast or semi-professional.

I'm interested in all kinds of photography subject matter, including landscapes, seascapes, flowers and architecture. However, my passion is wildlife photography, especially birds in flight! It probably has something to do with having been raised in the countryside in South Wales and my love of nature. 

To me there is something very special and exciting about capturing birds in flight. As well as being challenging, it can be incredibly rewarding (although on occasions, frustrating!). For me, it's the whole experience about being outdoors, observing behaviour and characteristics, tracking the birds in the viewfinder, taking the shots and then getting home to upload and edit. I've created a Hints & Tips page on this website which covers many of these elements in a little more detail.

Why create this website?

Although I have accounts with 500pxPhotocrowd and Instagram I just wanted set up something that consolidated my work in one place and which focused specifically on birds in flight (although I have also included some of my other photography!).

Essentially, the purpose of this website is to:

  • Display my photography under 'one roof'

  • Provide information based on my experiences so far of photographing birds in flight

  • Help and encourage others who share my passion

I'm still on a journey to becoming a good photographer and I strive to continually improve. My plan is to add or replace the content of the photo galleries regularly, as and when I feel I have a better photograph to display than one that's already there.


-   END   -